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Since being established in 1978, ESB is the leading specialist in financial recruitment consultancy operating in the North West. We have a specialist qualified accountant working as the financial recruitment consultant within this sector, which allows us to truly understand your business.

Looking for staff?

ESB have taken the time to establish ourselves across all manner of accountancy and financial market. We have a proven track record of always matching the right candidates to our clients. When working with a client it is important that we not only take the skills required for the job role, but also find out why the role has become available, who works within the department and the personalities within that department, this is so the candidate fits perfectly within the environment. 


To find the right candidate, we have the expertise to interview at all levels, testing not just skills but strengths, weaknesses as well as understanding if their personality would fit with certain clients. Whilst other recruitment agencies will send multiple CVs for one job role, we pride ourselves on finding one candidate that fits all requirements. 


We always go the extra mile with our candidates by discussing their skill set and understanding them throughly. We don't just look at the current job role, but also their aspirations and where they see their self in the future. We can work with them in evenings or during the day so it doesn't disrupt their current position. Upon placement of a candidate, we also work with them for a further 3 months giving them full aftercare.

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With many combined years and recruitment experience, our professional recruitment team have the ability to solve any staffing issues that our clients experience.

Whether you are an employer or public sector professional looking for the most ideal career opportunity, we can help. Contact us today and experience the benefits of dealing with one of the best medial recruitment agencies in the UK.

If you'd like to find out more about ESB accountancy, please contact us to discuss your employment needs. Alternatively, feel free to pop in for a coffee anytime, this will give you the opportunity to meet the team.